A woman catches her husband cheating on her. She furiously grabs a knife, get into the bed and tries to castrate him. The man wakes up just in time and manages to hold her off. With undiminished rage, she goes into the room of their teenage son and cuts off his penis. She then leaves… Continue reading MOEBIUS


Nomura Shuhei is a young, charismatic, and charming Japanese executive based in Tokyo who has a dark side nobody knows. He kills people and has been recording his actions. Nomura uploads the clips on the Internet so that everybody can see his murders. On the other side of the earth is Bayu Aditya, an ambitious… Continue reading KILLERS


A jealous husband hires a questionable private detective to lynch his wife and her lover. The job is well paid but the detective smells more money. He takes pictures of the sleeping pair but forges the images to make it look like bullets have pierced their bodies. He makes the husband believe that he has… Continue reading BLOOD SIMPLE


A small Japanese family leaves the peaceful beauty of its island to get settles in the United States and make a fortune. Given that the family is not accustomed to the crime that thrives abundantly in this new world, they are soon the prey to dubious drug dealers and corrupt politicians. The scum spoils the… Continue reading PRAY FOR DEATH


A judicial error… what if that happened to you, you’d think. And nevertheless… pulled along in a whirlpool of unbelievable events Vic sees his death by the electric chair coming closer and closer. With his first film ‘Evil Dead’ Sam Raimi (then 23) was immediately considered a Grandmaster of gruesome. Ever since he wants to… Continue reading CRIMEWAVE


Dreams that become reality: who doesn’t dream about that? For the heroine of Dreamlover that dream has become reality. She only has to dream it to make it happen. But sleeping could be destructive, because the dreams of this lovely young lady are far from innocent. She seeks a window through which she can fly… Continue reading DREAM LOVER


Paris. At a public sale of a horror theatre the distinguished surgeon Gogol acquires an image of Yvonne Orlac, a well-known actress whom he fancies. That same night at a train accident the hands of Yvonne Orlac’s husband, a famous pianist, are irreparably maimed. The actress seeks doctor Gogol’s help, but at the moment of… Continue reading THE HANDS OF ORLAC


Martha, 13 years old, has strange friends, insects she speaks to through telepathy. She protects and takes care of them, in return the insects protect her. She is a sleepwalker and one night she walks into the street. In this condition she is, completely unaware, the witness of a murder A difficult witness.