Cheung is regarded as a good citizen and a good husband in his community. His tragedy starts when, under the influence of alcohol, he contracts a Vietnamese professional killer to kill his own wife. When the assignment is accomplished the assassin returns to blackmail him. Cheung turns to the ring leader of a group of… Continue reading RUN & KILL


Jacques Laniel and Thomas Colin were two great cops: Colin was the unlucky one. When Colin is murdered, Laniel resigns from the force to become a private investigator. He vows to track down the killers who gunned down his partner and bring them to justice. While investigating a seemingly unrelated murder, Laniel stumbles upon a… Continue reading THE HAVEN


The bleak, dingy interrogation room of a police station. A well-dressed man, John Walter Wayland, is given a lie detector test by detectives Braxton and Kennesaw. Kennesaw is one of the country’s leading polygraphists: smart, accurate, on the force for twenty years. He watches while Braxton, new to this, administers the test. Four needles drag… Continue reading LIAR


The FBI prepares to burst into a gang infested house, but inside a lone gunman masterfully navigates through the gang members, killing them all on his way to the leader, Booya James. Just as he shoots James, FBI agent Kathleen Boyle, rushes in. She notices James is dead and races after his killer. The gunman… Continue reading DOUBLE TAP


A San Francisco police officer is frantically in search of a compatible bone marrow donor for his gravely ill son. He finally finds a potential donor, but must confront the fact that the man is a convicted multiple murderer who sees this trip to the hospital as his only chance to escape to freedom. The… Continue reading DESPERATE MEASURES


This black and white short tells the story of Werner and Mylène, who want to spend a nice, cosy Christmas at their place. But soon, the doorbell rings. It’s Sam, a collegue of Werner. He tells him that he has found out that Werner has forged the company’s accounts. This is the beginning of a… Continue reading THE BLOODY OLIVE