An antiquarian accidentally discovers a golden scarab in the base of a wooden statue. The legendary actor Federico Luppi gave one of his best performances, while young director Guillermo del Toro became the golden boy of genre cinema. With a budget of 2 million dollars (the largest at the time for a Mexican film, a… Continue reading CRONOS


Your first day at a new school is never easy. Fifteen-year-old Mia is dying to be accepted by her new classmates and after a rough start she succeeds in becoming friends with Gianna and her teenage gang. But then her body starts changing, a painful process characterized by hallucinations and bizarre binge-eating spells. A visit… Continue reading BLUE MY MIND


The near future: German society is in the doldrums and Berlin is the scene of street battles. Tan and Javid get into a fight with the manager of a kebab joint and swiftly send him to the netherworld. Also killed are some innocent bystanders, including the parents of Eliana, who retaliates by sending a series… Continue reading SNOWFLAKE