Those films that had us glued to our seats and made our hairs stand up straight, those master pieces that played on our deepest fears, were made by artists who made frightening people their life goal. They take some kind of devilish pleasure in seeing someone break out in a cold sweat. Terror in the… Continue reading TERROR IN THE AISLES


With the alignment of the planets in 1982, the cycle of destruction has begun. Our planet is on the verge of undergoing vast and major changes. The film calculates with the aid of the knowledge of ancient civilizations and computer models the chance that earth will go under in the year 2000: apocalyptic visions of… Continue reading JUPITER MENACE


Clive BARKER is not an ordinary guy. Not only he is the director of HELLRAISER and NIGHTBREED, two of the most impressive and innovative horror films of the last few years, but also the author of several novels and short stories that surpass by far most of the contemporary fantastic literature. Besides, he is also… Continue reading CLIVE BARKER: THE ART OF HORROR

De Dick Maas Methode

Through exceptional archival footage, you will not only discover the genius and extraordinary career of the director of THE LIFT and AMSTERDAMNED, but also his legacy of uncomplicated and “bigger than life” genre cinema!

Alien On Stage

Take your time reading the following sentence, you may have to re-read it again: Bus drivers from Dorset decide to put Alien on stage for charity and end up in the theatre Walhalla of the West End in London.

Horror Noire : A History Of Black Horror

We all know the horror trope of the token black guy who dies first, but Xavier Burgin lets us see what’s behind the cliché. He takes us on a journey from Griffith’s BIRTH OF A NATION to GET OUT, from the Ku Klux Klan to Black Lives Matter. A true eye-opening experience!

Hail Satan?

It may be hard to believe but we weren’t Satanists yet. Sacrificing goats while playing The Grateful Dead backwards is fun, but also a little silly. But we have seen the Light: Satanism is the only humane belief, a Black Mass of Empathy against the lies and heartlessness of the Christian Church. In unison: Hail… Continue reading Hail Satan?

Wrinkles the Clown

Ever since that office birthday party that got out of hand, we’re not too fond of clowns. Stephen King certainly didn’t help either. Luckily for us, we’re not living in South-Florida, where Wrinkles the Clown roams the streets at night… He’s more than some urban legend to frighten your kids. You can actually pay him… Continue reading Wrinkles the Clown