It’s 1987 Anno Domini and the Vatican is in the midst of a crisis. On the one hand, young bling-bling prelates – more Madonna than Francis of Assisi – are trying to dust off the crumbling image of the Church by downgrading positions such as the one of Father Gabriele Amorth, the official exorcist of… Continue reading THE POPE’S EXORCIST


Twelve-year-old Conor has a lot on his plate. Sickly and dreamy, he’s the school’s favorite whipping boy. And he can’t find a sympathetic ear in his family. His father? Gone to live a new life in the United States. His mother? His mum… Conor loves her deeply, but he doesn’t want to add to her… Continue reading A MONSTER CALLS


Chile, the 19th century. Chiloé is a remote island where Chileans and German settlers lord it over the indigenous locals. Young Huilliche girl Rosa is the deeply devout housemaid of a German farmer family. When pater familias Stefan discovers that all his sheep have mysteriously died, he suspects the Huilliche and sets his dogs loose… Continue reading SORCERY


Unlike her classmates who are giggling while drawing dicks on bus stops, twelve-year-old Blaze is not quite ready yet to leave behind the innocent joys of childhood. Like playing with figurines, eating ice-cream and hanging out with her huge, imaginary dragon. But one event is going to jolt her into the ugliest reality of adulthood.… Continue reading BLAZE

Variations on a Theme

A couple has begun physically splitting into many different versions of themselves, and must investigate an uncomfortable mutation that has arisen.

Night of the Bride

Desperate to get their only son married, a family holds a young woman hostage.

Alex’s Machine

Alex is the only girl in her “automotive biomechanics” class. For her degree, she has chosen to build an engine made of artificial flesh.

Power Signal

While trying to navigate a city that won’t provide him a bathroom, a delivery worker discovers an unearthly presence infecting women all over New York.


In a Black suburb, a couple begins to notice that their neighbours are disappearing and white people are moving in. What they discover is much darker than they could ever imagine.