Silent Night Courtesy of RLJE films

Christmas Eve, and it’s a complete mess for Nell. This year, she’s gone all out: the huge country house, a titanic buffet, brandy by the barrel, the best years dug up out of the wine cellar, and all the family, close friends and their little ones for a feast of epic proportions. The Wham and… Continue reading SILENT NIGHT


The first scene of SUMMER SCARS feels like a vague childhood memory slowly bubbling up again. A memory of a bright, red-hot summer day you spent romping around with your brother. Except these two brothers, Tony and Noé, did not grow up in a suburb with white picket fences but in the rough, savage landscape… Continue reading SUMMER SCARS


Rose and Antoine, a loving though fragile young couple, are “expecting” as the apostles of the First Commandment (“Be Fruitful and Multiply”) tend to say. They’re also expecting that this lil’ chunk of love will magically heal all the festering family wounds and more importantly will calm down the overzealous mother-in-law who showers them with… Continue reading GRAVIDAM