Alex is a musically gifted teenager. He has quite a good understanding with his mom but things don’t go so well with his dad. The latter’s fits of rage and whacky conspiracy theories might have something to do with that. Twelve years later, Alex is a well-known musician. At the funeral of his mom, he… Continue reading THE UNTHINKABLE


The United Kingdom. Soon. Britain is in a civil war as the State battles rebel militia for power. A woman wakes up in a blindingly white cuboid room: the White Chamber. A voice from the outside demands information, but she claims to have none. To gain the answers he seeks, her captor utilises the gruesome… Continue reading WHITE CHAMBER


It’s hard to imagine a more run-of-the-mill Japanese family. Daddy is a grey salaryman, self-effacing mom takes care of the household, junior only takes off his headphones when he goes to sleep, and his sister is completely engrossed in the virtual world of Facebook likes and WhatsApp messages. But then something strange happens: all electrical… Continue reading SURVIVAL FAMILY


A man wakes up behind the wheel of an SUV. He has a hell of a hangover and there’s a trickle of blood running down his forehead. He can’t recall anything. Did he hit the bottle a bit too hard ? And how did he end up in an empty warehouse, with an electronic ankle… Continue reading FLASHBURN


A firm finds a revolutionary solution to an age-old problem: how to resuscitate the dead? But soon after, a cosmic disaster takes place and it’s back to year zero. Eight months later, a mysterious man wanders around amidst what’s left of society, while the survivors try and organize as best they can. Ex funeris by… Continue reading EX FUNERIS


Marjorie has a lot of life behind her. Her memory begins to fail her, but she still has fond memories of her late husband Walter. But then there is this computer program which allows you to bring the dead back to life through holographic recreation. That way she can have nice chats in her living… Continue reading MARJORIE PRIME


Ever heard of the butterfly effect? In chaos theory (and of course in science fiction flicks) it refers to the fact that minimal changes in a given situation can later cause gigantic problems. In 2095, the world is overrun with salt water and all forms of life are in danger of extinction. Fang Rung, head… Continue reading MAN DIVIDED


Somewhere on the planet, a terrible war rages. Hannah and her son have managed to escape from the bombs, tanks and guns and have arrived at a place where everybody wants to go to: the No Man’s Land. Every refugee tries to get in, because it’s supposed to be a safe place from war and… Continue reading ANOTHER FRONTIER


In the near future, technology has gotten the upper hand on mankind. Everybody lives alone, trapped in an imploded, virtual version of reality.