White Snake

Finding love in ancient China wasn’t always easy. One day Xuan (Tianxiang Yang), the poor devil falls head over heels in love with Blanca (Zhe Zhang), an angelically beautiful girl… that also happens to be a fierce white snake demon. Of the kind that occasionally turn into a big-ass snake and terrorizes his cute little… Continue reading White Snake


Selena is a single mother – but she doesn’t give a fuck. Her daughter Belén is 17 and dying to get out of the house, which she doesn’t like one bit. Luckily she can forget her worries a little by working in her garden, feeding her goats and chickens, biking to the grocery store or… Continue reading Witch


Frances, a naive young woman, is trying to make it on her own in New York City. One fine day, she finds a handbag on the subway and suspecting no evil design, she brings it back to its rightful owner. In doing so, she meets Greta, an eccentric French piano teacher who adores classical music… Continue reading GRETA


Sure, we all have our demons to contend with but Patxi, a blacksmith in a Basque village in the early 19th century, has quite a special demon. For years, he’s been fighting off a low-level devil to whom he once pledged his soul and who wants to present him with a one-way ticket to hell.… Continue reading ERREMENTARI


You’d rather not be a street child in Mexico City. You can’t count on your parents anymore because they’ve been kidnapped/killed/disappeared (delete where not applicable). You also need to put some considerable distance between yourself and the drug cartels that kill orphans for fun. Ten-year-old Estrella seeks shelter with tough-looking Shine and his gang of… Continue reading TIGERS ARE NOT AFRAID