They call them the Hyenas of Bangui. A trio of mercenaries who like to eat lead for breakfast. Chaka the brain, Rafa the muscle and Minuit the mystic have just evacuated a South American drug lord from Guinea-Bissau. They want to fly to Dakar, but a leaking fuel tank forces them to make an unscheduled… Continue reading SALOUM


It’s the story of a lumberjack who just wanted to mind his own business… One morning, or one afternoon – seeing as we’re not boy and girl scouts here, we’re never quite sure in a forest – he bumps into something that his eyes will never forget: a brutally mutilated body. Flesh, blood, guts, fragments… Continue reading LOGGER


On a remote Japanese island, a severe kung-fu master trains a group of boys to become “Doomsday Warriors”. After the inevitable Apocalypse, which Nostradamus predicted would take place in 1999, they are to fight for justice in a ravaged world. When this doomsday scenario still hasn’t materialized in 2022 (!), the sensei decides to throw… Continue reading KAPPEI


In a wholesome, God-fearing American town next to the Mexican border, a federal agent is searching for a Red Threat that has been signaled in the neighborhood. Scheming commies with a Stalin ‘stache again? Oh no, just a couple of cute redheads that happen to be… witches! Yes, a new 11th Amendment in the Constitution… Continue reading WITCH HUNT


1943. While Nazi troops occupy Italy, civilians desperately try to flee the country by the thousands. Among them, Matilde, Cencio, Fulvio and Mario, circus creatures, fairground freaks who are henceforth without a job and without their cherished ringmaster Israël, who left trying to negotiate one-way tickets to the US for the group. In these troubles… Continue reading FREAKS OUT