The prestigious Kingdom hospital and its motley crew of staff and patients are back to give us more thrills. In a splendid mixture of unalloyed horror and unadulterated soap we watched the way Mrs Drusse tried to put an end to little Mary’s torments, aided and abetted by her son Hansen. How Stig Helmer, the… Continue reading THE KINGDOM III


For almost a century, children and secretly many adults have answered Peter Pan’s entreaty to save the fairy Tinkerbell with resounding applause. In the dark of the theater, in that one magical moment, it is a very powerful thing to believe. But what happens when that belief is carried into the light of the real… Continue reading FAIRY TALE, A TRUE STORY


John Murdoch awakens alone in a strange hotel to find that he is wanted for a series of brutal murders. The problem is that he can’t remember whether he committed the murders or not. In fact, most of his memories have completely vanished, and for one sickening moment he is convinced that he has gone… Continue reading DARK CITY


In Europe on a “daredevil tour”, young American Andy ascends the Eiffel Tower one night with his friends Chris and Brad. Just before Andy makes a bungee jump from the top, a young woman named Sérafine attempts suicide from the same spot. Andy jumps after her and saves her life. Later, Andy tracks Sérafine down… Continue reading AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN PARIS


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Switzerland, 1913. A young English photographer, Charles Castle, marries Anne-Marie. The next day, she is killed by an avalanche. Castle enters an emotional void. He fights in the trenches during World War One, where he photographs the dead. The war over, Castle and his wartime batman Roy set up a photographic studio in London. The… Continue reading PHOTOGRAPHING FAIRIES


An eternity has passed since God created the heavens and the earth. But evil lives forever in an entity known as the Djinn… An embodiment of pure evil, the Djinn is an evil genie with the power to grant any human wish. But ask just one wish, and he owns your soul forever. Present day.… Continue reading WISHMASTER


Myriam, a rich heir, thanks her immortality to a substance which she substracts from people. The last switch in in a long chain is John, her companion, who is also drawn to eternity. But when his ageing process starts to speed up, nothing can stop him anymore. Behold a film that excels the fantastic and… Continue reading THE HUNGER


Rosaleen has a lovely grandmother. It’s only natural since Grandma is old-fashioned: she gives tons of well-meaning advice to her granddaughter (don’t stray away from the busy paths, don’t talk to men whose eyebrows are growing too close…) and tells her crazy stories starring werewolves, at night by the fireside. All of these stories are… Continue reading THE COMPANY OF WOLVES