Divine Accounts

Monica is a normal woman with a normal life in any place in any of these modern times. However, one day, for an unimportant detail that could have been resolved like any other previous disagreement, she kills her husband. She thus discovers crime as a substitute for anxiolytics, liberation from all hypocritical moralism and, why… Continue reading Divine Accounts


A truck driver discovers the ability to leave her physical body, and travel the world in an immaterial way, in an astral journey.

Mind Heist

A criminal breaks into a woman’s home. After a short struggle, he manages to sedate her and proceeds to insert wires into her brain. She was a witness to a murder and his mission is to edit her memories before the lineup.

A Friend’s Friend

Lou kills time by telling Mady the stories of her friends’ friends. And if one day, a story happens to her friend?

Black Loves

A duel behind closed doors in the form of verbal jousting that pays tribute to the Film Noir, with a good touch of Belgian-style absurdity.

Riders Of Justice

After ADAM’S APPLES and MEN AND CHICKEN, grandmaster Anders Thomas Jensen delivers a brilliant pitch-black revenge comedy. And, yes, Mads Mikkelsen is heading the cast again. Simply essential viewing!


Selena is a single mother – but she doesn’t give a fuck. Her daughter Belén is 17 and dying to get out of the house, which she doesn’t like one bit. Luckily she can forget her worries a little by working in her garden, feeding her goats and chickens, biking to the grocery store or… Continue reading Witch