Young Lilith has just arrived at Saint-Raimi boarding school and has no trouble making new friends. But soon she realizes that many of the boarders are haunted by mysterious dark shadows. She alarms the direction, but they don’t take her seriously. So she asks the help of the Brother Schimm, professional ghostbusters who usually just… Continue reading THE GHASTLY BROTHERS


Shawn is some sort of Johnny (Ob)Knoxville 2.0 with his very own YouTube channel on which he faces his most idiotic fears, until one of his offensive jokes crosses a red line for both his followers and sponsors. Before being burned at the stake,he tries to sway the angry mob – Ergh, I mean his… Continue reading DEADSTREAM

The Returned by Laura Casabé

South America, 1919. We’re at the mate plantation of some rich Spanish colonialists who exploit the native Guaraní in order to ship the goods to Europa. Julia, the wife of a landowner, is expecting a son, but the child is stillborn. Desperately she turns to her Indian maid, Kerena, who believes in Iguazú, the mythical… Continue reading The Returned by Laura Casabé

Post Mortem

If there’s something strange wandering the grounds of your typical 1918 Hungerian village, who you gonna call? Ghostbuster Tomás, using science to keep the dead where they belong… Director Péter Bergendy wrote his thesis on horror film psychology and uses all the dirty tricks in the book. Let that be a warning.

In the Trap

Already feature film #3 that comes out of our young genre film market, our beloved BIF Market, and that in just 4 editions! That’s our ripple in the economic pond! But enough shameless self-adulation (for the moment), let’s get down to it. Philip lost his sister years ago. She died under very suspicious circumstances, turning… Continue reading In the Trap