The Queen of Black Magic

Hanif, pater familias of a seemingly perfect family, decides to take his wife and three children to the orphanage where he grew up. Not because he didn’t come up with better holiday plans, but because Mr. Bandi, who was like a father to Hanif, is on his deathbed… Two of Hanif’s best friends, who also… Continue reading The Queen of Black Magic

The Entity

It seems the Philippines put aside their traditional ghosts more and more to plunge into relentless horror: after EERIE, that single-handedly boosted sales for night lamps for adults in 2018, here comes the new unfiltered nightmare out of Erik Matti’s mind, the #1 most prolific Filipino genre filmmaker. We’re in 1985, Luis gets a call… Continue reading The Entity


A catchy name is half the work, isn’t? DeadTectives, that’s what a slick bunch of paranormal investigators call themselves. They have their own reality TV show but lately, the ratings have been going down faster than Donald Trump’s popularity. After a disastrous episode in a cake shop, their producer gives them one last chance. They… Continue reading DEADTECTIVES


The peaceful life of Leana and her little sister Rita are turned upside down when the giant passenger ferry Aurora capsizes on the cliffs in front of their seaside bed & breakfast. After a while, the coastguard abandons the search for survivors and leaves, together with all the mourning relatives of the victims who stayed… Continue reading AURORA


Rose is a kindhearted woman in a small Irish town who spends her days teaching the local population how to drive. She isn’t very forthright about her supernatural abilities because, in the past, they often had disastrous consequences. Except for her sister, she is alone in the world and her free time is mostly spent… Continue reading EXTRA ORDINARY


Nothing like a board game to make things nice and cozy. But damn you if you dare play it during a solar eclipse! Verónica ( Vero for her friends ) is having a rough time. Her father is long gone and since her mother works impossible shifts in a bar she has to play mommy… Continue reading VERONICA


In 2016 we brought you Tag Along, a movie so scary the director of the film had to have a witch doctor on set to comfort the actors. Based on the Taiwanese urban legend The Girl in Red, this second part continuous the story about demon babies, enchanted forests, and obsessed moms. Something every baby… Continue reading THE TAG-ALONG 2


Having a curfew set by your parents is a burden, but having one set by haunted ghosts is just plain evil ! Set in Ireland in the early 1920s, The Lodgers tells the story of twins living in a house controlled by “lodgers”, evil spirits that give them three rules: be in bed before midnight,… Continue reading THE LODGERS


When three sisters decide to go out for the evening, it’s not because they want to party. They’ve decided to break into a corrupt senator’s house to stuff their pockets. Getting in was so easy that they joked about it on the way to the safe. But prying it open isn’t as simple as they… Continue reading EL HABITANTE