The Queen of Black Magic

Hanif, pater familias of a seemingly perfect family, decides to take his wife and three children to the orphanage where he grew up. Not because he didn’t come up with better holiday plans, but because Mr. Bandi, who was like a father to Hanif, is on his deathbed… Two of Hanif’s best friends, who also… Continue reading The Queen of Black Magic

Why don’t you just die

A trembling finger about to ring a doorbell in an apartment building. A hammer clutched in a clenched fist. A hammer Matvey wants to drive through the skull of his father-in-law as soon as he opens the door. ‘Dad, die’ is also the eloquent original title of this feature debut of the man many like… Continue reading Why don’t you just die

Bullets of Justice

“All you need to make a film is a girl and a gun” Godard once said and in that sense BULLETS OF JUSTICE is a very Godardian film: bullets, boobs and butts (though not exclusively female), adding mutant pig-men to the mix because… mutant pig-men! Muzzles, as these human-pig hybrids are called, were created in… Continue reading Bullets of Justice

Spare Parts

Fuck yeah! In a godforsaken bar in Canada with walls reeking of urine and testosterone – possibly the HQ of the Manosphere – four riot girrrls (Emma, Amy, Jill and Cassy) rip the stage apart with their punk spirit. The name of their band? Ms. 45, a reference to Abel Ferrara’s cult film about a… Continue reading Spare Parts


The sun drips through the foliage of a dense wood. Slowly and peacefully Fuma wakes up. Suddenly he realizes that he finds himself in the middle of nowhere in a virgin white king-size bed. Anxiously, he jumps up and finds his son standing next to him. He desperately shakes his kid and asks where in… Continue reading MIMICRY FREAKS