The sun drips through the foliage of a dense wood. Slowly and peacefully Fuma wakes up. Suddenly he realizes that he finds himself in the middle of nowhere in a virgin white king-size bed. Anxiously, he jumps up and finds his son standing next to him. He desperately shakes his kid and asks where in… Continue reading MIMICRY FREAKS


Akira Kurosawa is a real nobody in the Japanese film world. For the time being, he’s assistant director for a mushy romantic chick flick on the deserted island of Kitajima. The only reason he persists in continuing this thankless job, is because a producer promised him that soon, very soon, he’ll be able to direct… Continue reading GHOSTMASTER


Best friends Kayla and Maddie are not exactly pushovers. During a nightly graffiti excursion, however, they find themselves stalked and eventually abducted. Kayla wakes up in a nondescript forest, locked in some kind of coffin and clueless as to where she might be. Heaven knows what happened to Maddie. Then she notices a scary masked… Continue reading THE FURIES


Ah, carpets ! Those woolen or mohair rugs which welcome your bare feet so comfortably… It generates all kinds of fuzzy feelings, but of course, these things have to be sold as well. And apparently, business isn’t exactly booming with British carpet retailers. When Cupid Carpets ( what’s in a name ? ) are given… Continue reading CANNIBALS AND CARPET FITTERS