In the 8th century, Christianity swept over the hills and valleys of the Basque Country, replacing age-old pagan beliefs. The newly christened Lord Eneko rules over the land, but when an army of fiery Franks stands at his gates, he does not turn to the Christian God – who tends not to answer – but… Continue reading IRATI


Québec, Canada. Fifteen-year-olds Charles, Louis, Paul and Guillaume are incredibly dorky and therefore, incredibly unpopular at school. But hey, at least they have each other and their heroic quest to Farador, a Dungeons & Dragons-style board game. Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no river wide enough, ain’t no butt-ugly goblin fierce enough to shatter… Continue reading FARADOR

White Snake

Finding love in ancient China wasn’t always easy. One day Xuan (Tianxiang Yang), the poor devil falls head over heels in love with Blanca (Zhe Zhang), an angelically beautiful girl… that also happens to be a fierce white snake demon. Of the kind that occasionally turn into a big-ass snake and terrorizes his cute little… Continue reading White Snake


During the Ming Dynasty, imperial animal trainer Ocean is introduced to a rather strange creature which he names Lucky. After he witnesses the innocent gremlin-like ball of fur getting mistreated by the evil eunuch Crane, he sets him free. This infuriates Crane, who immediately puts a huge bounty on both Ocean and Lucky’s heads. From… Continue reading KUNG FU MONSTER


Butong is a monk of the Xuanguang Temple, but he’s not just your average monk. To begin with, he has a funny name that nobody dares to laugh with because of his supernatural powers. Where did he get them from? He doesn’t have a clue. His dysfunctional family has definitely nothing to do with it.… Continue reading THE GOLDEN MONK


Dao, the new sheriff of the peaceful city of Kaifeng, thinks he has found the perfect hideout. Besides a few illegally parked carriages and some bulls exceeding the speed limit, he’s not expecting a lot of work. Alas, he couldn’t be more wrong, a titanic battle is brewing. The innocent looking peasants that Dao sees… Continue reading THE THOUSAND FACES OF DUNJIA


Before you start looking for the Mahishmati kingdom on the map: it’s unclear whether it has ever existed. But don’t let that spoil the fun because when it comes to mythology, few can rival with the Indians. Take for instance Baahubali: The Conclusion, the continuation of Baahubali: The Beginning (logical, ain’t it?). When the royal… Continue reading BAAHUBALI 2: THE CONCLUSION


Centuries before our Lord and Saviour taught men to turn the other cheek, great warriors were using the Central Asian steppes as their playground. Civilizations were eaten alive one after the other. This time, the Scythians are going to bite the dust. From brave nomad warriors, they’ve been reduced to ruthless mercenaries, willing to kill… Continue reading THE SCYTHIAN


Once upon a time, in a faraway land, the mythical city of Uranopolis went through a decisive battle between humans and the Winged Tribe. It was pretty much the same as Real Madrid vs PSG, except that this time humans played in Zidane’s team. Almost extinct, the Winged Tribe is finding it difficult to survive.… Continue reading LEGEND OF THE NAGA PEARLS