It’s 1987 Anno Domini and the Vatican is in the midst of a crisis. On the one hand, young bling-bling prelates – more Madonna than Francis of Assisi – are trying to dust off the crumbling image of the Church by downgrading positions such as the one of Father Gabriele Amorth, the official exorcist of… Continue reading THE POPE’S EXORCIST


For two centuries, Renfield has been playing minion to his boss, Count Dracula. Okay sure, he did give him eternal life and supernatural powers that, even with a 48° fever and a stomach flu, would still make him triumph at the Hunger Games. But his future? Zero chances for promotion, permanent night shifts and an… Continue reading RENFIELD


City dwellers Erkhme and Selenge temporarily trade in Ulaanbaatar for a cabin in the pristine Mongolian woods. You see, Selenge is the sensitive, artistic type and the city’s hustle and bustle can quickly overwhelm her finely tuned senses. That’s why her loving husband Erkhme decided that the peace and quiet of the countryside might do… Continue reading ABERRANCE


Inspector Alonso is perhaps getting too old for all this shit. As a law enforcer he has seen his fair share of atrocities that usually leave him cold. But child murder, that’s a different thing… He’s got a suspect. A former religious studies teacher who looks maddeningly normal. Not the kind of face you’d associate… Continue reading FEROCIOUS WOLF


Don’t feel like watching all those big film classics now that your mission is to exhaust the entire Netflix catalogue? Then NEW NORMAL has the solution, by squeezing in its 2-hour running course no less than 6 interconnected shorts that are each inspired by a different cult film! ‘M’: A single woman is being creeped… Continue reading NEW NORMAL


Two years ago, to the day, Mia’s mother passed away. A horrible date for the teenager, who desperately needs to clear her head. For example, by doing something crazy. And hey, whaddayaknow, there’s an epic party coming up featuring not only enough booze to sedate a herd of buffaloes, but also a rather extraordinary object… Continue reading TALK TO ME


Dale Domazar is the kind of obnoxious, pigeon-brained alpha male TV channels all over the world love to air in dumb shows like “Cult Buster”, in which Dale goes around de-programming secret cults. A smash hit! That is, until the season’s finale goes off the rails with a human sacrifice and all the cult members… Continue reading CULT HERO


Audra is super-dooper happy! To congratulate her on graduating from college, her daddy bought her a nice little house in her hometown of West Craven. So, on the agenda there’s a housewarming party with her BFFs Missy and Reese, twenty-minute showers with some great exfoliating soap enriched with apricot oil and sweet ylang-ylang smells, a… Continue reading KILL HER GOATS


It has already been three years since the Suwono family moved into a huge tower block in Jakarta. The Suwonos have always been very discreet about the reasons for their move. And rightly so. Telling everyone that a satanic cult sent your mother-in-law down a pit, that your deceased wife haunts you in your dreams… Continue reading SATAN’S SLAVES: COMMUNION


A twisted tale of two estranged sisters whose reunion is cut short by the rise of flesh-possessing demons, thrusting them into a primal battle for survival as they face the most nightmarish version of family imaginable… (© Warner Bros) Exactly 30 years after ARMY OF DARKNESS triumphed at the BIFFF, Sam Raimi’s mythical franchise has… Continue reading EVIL DEAD RISE