Damn! It’s been almost 30 years since the Foo Fighters first unleashed their fiendish riffs on stadiums all over the world! Fifteen Grammy Awards on their mantelpiece and 9 albums that have sold millions of copies… Pretty cool, huh? Except the band has a cruel case of writer’s block. And the bigshots from their record… Continue reading STUDIO 666

MOLOCH by Nico van den Brink

1991. A girl is playing downstairs, while a lot of strange, frightening noises are coming from upstairs. Suddenly, through the cracks of the wooden ceiling, a Niagara of blood comes gushing down. Thirty years later. Betriek, a young mother and widow, lives with her family in the middle of a bog. But the atmosphere is… Continue reading MOLOCH by Nico van den Brink


A small provincial village in the Spanish heartland. A sweltering heat. Flies circling around dried-up feces. Local youngsters kill their boredom with a cruelty that is as gratuitous as it is relentless. Their favorite victim? Sarah, an overweight girl who is the target of ridicule every day at her school. But one day, while doing… Continue reading PIGGY


Several people are found dead all over Japan. Rumor goes around that they died 24 hours after watching a mysterious videotape. Of course it doesn’t take long before Sadako’s name is dropped and everyone is smashing their old VHS player to smithereens. But Ayaka, a young TV journalist with an IQ of 200, doesn’t believe… Continue reading SADAKO DX


A sixty-year-old who has always obediently followed the rules, suffers an existential burnout. He has always done his part and, in his own modest way, has worked for a better society. But that society has hit rock bottom and our former good Samaritan is no longer in the mood for concessions. Moloss is his name… Continue reading MOLOSS


In the slums of Soho, a “Madam” manages a unique Peep Show. A sleazy smut spectacle of prostitutes who show off a piece of exploited, neon-lit flesh for voyeuristic sadsacks? Oh no, much worse than that. It’s a completely immersive experience that is tailor-fit to your deepest fears… And tonight, it’s Graham that’s going in.… Continue reading MIDNIGHT PEEPSHOW


Erica is finally living her fairy tale romance with her Prince Charming, her Vincent, Vinnie, V-Love. The man of her dreams, ticking all of her boxes – white, straight, rich and cooks a wonderful spaghetti alle vongole – and who is now going to put a ring on it. She can’t wait to have her… Continue reading HAVE HOLD TAKE


After repeated attempts in between the sheets, Valeria and Raúl have finally succeeded: there’s a baby on the way! The beginning of her pregnancy is a walk in the park, with the choice of the crib, the color of the walls and all those little lovely touches. But one night Valeria sees her neighbor across… Continue reading HUESERA


With elections approaching, an overzealous American governor plays the infamous zero tolerance card by deciding to arrest all the children of illegal immigrants. It doesn’t matter if they are fully integrated, destined for a bright future or even proud to consider themselves Americans. They have the misfortune of being Latino. Once they’re caged and dressed… Continue reading AMERICAN CARNAGE