Puppet Killer

A puppet killer, ay? At first sight this might look like the usual hackneyed horror fare, and in a way it is but don’t be fooled! Sure, there’s the usual group of teenagers that get together in a Cabin in the Woods just get slaughtered one by one… Except, these ‘teenagers’ are played by… 50-year-olds?… Continue reading Puppet Killer

Motel Acacia

A snowed-in country road, not far from the Canadian border. A billboard alongside the road reads: “Make our country great again!”. JC, a young Filipino, takes in the landscape, while his European father drives him to the family motel. The building is as charming as a Nazi bunker and clients are rare. However, the business… Continue reading Motel Acacia

Sea Fever

Ever had a nightmare in which you’re suddenly in the middle of the ocean, not a single ship on the horizon, while a strange entity grabs your leg? Well, SEA FEVER is the extended director’s cut of this nightmare… Science wunderkind but socially awkward Siobhan is forced to trade in the safe environment of her… Continue reading Sea Fever

Skin Walker

Oh, it seemed but yesterday when Sir Udo Kier (IRON SKY 1 & 2) was knighted in the Order of the Raven at the BIFFF, but we had to let him go… and here he is again in a mysterious forest in Luxembourg. He’s the patriarch watching over the family estate, but you won’t see… Continue reading Skin Walker