«To be blunt, LE SENS DE LA VIE is a film where you will laugh yourself to death with, amazing humour that spares no one, its a true «Grand Guignol» genius down to the vulgar, pornographic and hallucinatory.» Gérard LEFORT


The Hercule family discovers a door in the basement of their new home that gives them access to the sixth dimension. Frenchs, the daughter, is the first one to fail temptation and enters the forbidden zone. Fausto, the dwarf king who dominates this world keeps her his prisoner. Her family, that come looking for her,… Continue reading FORBIDDEN ZONE


Do the androids dream of electric sheep? Philip Deck asks his computer. Yes, Edgard answers, the small computer that suffers electric dreams and regularly counts white sheep that enthusiastically jump hedges and are projected on his screen. But then he dreams of a computer that fell in love… and it composed exceptionally successful songs for… Continue reading ELECTRIC DREAMS