End of the Rope

After being crippled by a car accident, a former dancer enters a power struggle with an exploitative scientist who promises her creative freedom in an altered reality with his invention.


When a new neighbor moves in next door to Jonathan, his body begins to transform forever.


Once upon a time there was a musician beloved by all who lived in a small village in the French West Indies. His name was Siméon and little Orélie was his best friend. Her father, Isidore, wanted to created universal music. And then Siméon suddenly died in an accident. Orélie, who knew a bit of… Continue reading SIMEON


One night in the darkroom, the young assistant of a photographer discovers that the pictures are coming to life !


Hard to deny it, 2012 is a year that gives us the jitters. No Roland Emmerich popping up with a happy end, not even the shadow of Bruce Willis bawling “Armaggeddon !!!” while riding a huge interstellar rock. Just three losers in a Tokyo music store feeling very lonely while staring at the enormous meteorite… Continue reading FISH STORY


Tom and Barry Howe are twins. They are joined at the chest and share a liver. They’re teenagers with quite distinctive personalities. Barry is the more mischievous, hot-headed of the two, while Tom is more reserved and thoughtful. They are plucked from rural obscurity by a 70ties music promoter, groomed into rock stars and soon… Continue reading BROTHERS OF THE DEAD


AD 2015. The world’s major cities are decimated by a terrible plague, a highly contagious virus that fills those it infects with unbearable dread, then with overwhelming despair. This fatal disease, without a cure, is called the Lemming Syndrome. In an isolated country mansion, two musicians, Nizui and Asuhara, live in seclusion. They devote themselves… Continue reading ELI, ELI, LEMA SABACHTANI?