Gedaan de tijden van Piña Colada’s en #ThugLife-selfies op parelwitte Filipijnse stranden voor de kruin van de Koreaanse criminelen die hun land ontvluchtten. Seoul bereikte een akkoord van uitlevering met Manila en roept hen nu hardhandig op het bakermatje. En dat doet het in stijl: 47 van de meest bedorven misdadigers, waaronder verkrachters, seriemoordenaars, psychopaten,… Continue reading PROJECT WOLF HUNTING


Silent Night Courtesy of RLJE films

Christmas Eve, and it’s a complete mess for Nell. This year, she’s gone all out: the huge country house, a titanic buffet, brandy by the barrel, the best years dug up out of the wine cellar, and all the family, close friends and their little ones for a feast of epic proportions. The Wham and… Continue reading SILENT NIGHT


2056, far, far away from the Earth. Hannah and Gavin are sent to the Rubikon space station to work on the promising research of geneticist Dimitri Krylow. The latter has succeeded in cultivating genetically modified algae that provide energy, oxygen and food. In short, perfect self-sufficiency! In the meantime, the previous crew returns to Earth.… Continue reading RUBIKON


With elections approaching, an overzealous American governor plays the infamous zero tolerance card by deciding to arrest all the children of illegal immigrants. It doesn’t matter if they are fully integrated, destined for a bright future or even proud to consider themselves Americans. They have the misfortune of being Latino. Once they’re caged and dressed… Continue reading AMERICAN CARNAGE


It’s 2035 and it’s nearly the end of the world as we know it. While a lonely maintenance technician (“Oh, they still send humans up there for that kind of work?”) circles off into space – without Clooney’s vodka bottle – he has a grand view on Earth as it is about to explode. And… Continue reading WARNING