Damn, now we have to look for a new title for our documentary about the founders of the BIFFF. But well, we’re happy that it went to such a fantastic film. You see, “Les Cinq Diables” are five mountain peaks in the French Alps after which the village is named where Joanne (Adèle Exarchopoulos –… Continue reading THE FIVE DEVILS


After repeated attempts in between the sheets, Valeria and Raúl have finally succeeded: there’s a baby on the way! The beginning of her pregnancy is a walk in the park, with the choice of the crib, the color of the walls and all those little lovely touches. But one night Valeria sees her neighbor across… Continue reading HUESERA


Young Camilla never expected she would get her baptism by fire in her elite police unit. During a very high-risk operation against a religious cult in a dangerous neighborhood, Camilla finds herself in the middle of a ritual where all the members decide to simultaneously set themselves on fire… The flames spread so fast that… Continue reading DON’T COME BACK ALIVE


Demons! In 1978’s Iran *cough*Axis of Evil*cough*! In a remote mountain village called Zalava! Za-la-va: ne’er there was a name more reeking of evil! It sounds like an unforgivable curse only the vilest of Slytherin wizards would throw around, though for all we know it might simply mean “ice cream” in the tongue of the… Continue reading ZALAVA