The first ever “filmharmonic” event, where passion, music and film collide.


Peter Glahn, a former political prisoner, returns after several years of incarceration to his homeland of Mandragora, where the sun never sets. While on the boat taking him home, Peter spends a few precious minutes in the enticing and rarefied company of Juliana, a beautiful young woman with whom he falls desperately and immediately in… Continue reading TWILIGHT OF THE ICE NYMPHS


Nico, a gorgeous teenage hooker, walks a dark, mostly deserted Hollywood street carrying a half empty soda bottle. Her scanty outfit is worn and dirty, her hair wildly unkempt. A sleek Jag pulls up, Nico hops in, turns the radio to heavy metal and seems to “rock out” in a deep reverie. The driver parks… Continue reading REVENANT


A shy, insecure and peace-loving cop by the name of Percy Corso is appointed at the Palle police station in a small Peruvian village of the same name. Palle was once the homeland of the Moche, the violent yet beautiful people from the pre-Inca era. When a series of crimes is committed in the Moche… Continue reading UNDER THE SKIN


Roberto, a showman, has spent his whole life travelling the country with his preserved whale, showing this strange creature to audiences everywhere. His last journey takes him to a tiny village in the mountains. However, a heart attack kills him before he arrives at his destination. The curious exhibit stands in the marketplace, waiting for… Continue reading UNFISH