MON ANGE by Harry Cleven

Once upon a time there was Louise and her friend, the magician. But his last trick left a bitter taste in her mouth. He disappeared in a curtain of smoke… never to appear again. This is too much for the young woman. Devastated by endless grief, Louise is sent to a psychiatric asylum, resigned to… Continue reading MON ANGE by Harry Cleven


Buckaroo Banzaï. The respected neurosurgeon who handles a scalpel like no other. The fearless fighter who has mauled many opponents. The casual rocker that made thousands of women fall in love with him. Buckaroo Banzaï, an exceptional hero. Following the footsteps of his father who is just as versatile, he informs the world of the… Continue reading BUCKAROO BANZAÏ


Who killed grandfather? No one knows. Twenty years have gone by. Grandfather is buried and forgotten and granddaughter is in love. But soon it turns out her boyfriend is a victim to supernatural powers. He has taken on the identity of late grandfather. Even though some things may strengthen the ancestral bonds, the young love… Continue reading RETURN : A CASE OF POSSESSION


A few years after the death of his wife a New York writer tries to start a new family life. He arranges a meeting between his daughter and his future wife in East Berlin, where he often stays for professional reasons. The meeting results in a abrasive confrontation: Carla, sixteen years old wants nothing to… Continue reading THE COLD ROOM


Jenny, sweetheart, don’t fool yourself. The man standing in front of you looks just like Scott, has the same deep voice like Scott, walks in the same way as Scott and also has the familiar clumsy traits like Scott… But it isn’t Scott. Didn’t he die in your arms a few months ago? You did… Continue reading STARMAN


Two male virgins, who are in no way notable or extraordinary, try to get out of social isolation by programming a dream creation… and execute it on their home computer. All the sizes, limps and curves from their dreams are combined into one single model who steps out of the computer. Kelly Le Brock, a… Continue reading WEIRD SCIENCE


Bobby Grady has two children, a passion for his alarm system business and a great misunderstanding with his wife. Jeanne Crane, an attractive young woman, ambitious but emotionally flawed, lives a double life; stylist during the day and prostitute at night. Her passion: the «real» feelings. They are going to meet each other when the… Continue reading CRIMES OF PASSION