After getting the sack at a prestigious newspaper, an ambitious journalist is in shambles. Gutted and with the Pulitzer Prize further off than ever, she retreats to her parents’ isolated, state-of-the-art mansion when they’re away on holidays. But she doesn’t plan on staying down for long. Her new podcast, “Beyond Believable”, in which she investigates… Continue reading MONOLITH (2023)


In a near future where all ideologies have been crushed under the weight of total ultra-liberalism, Rachel and Aly live in perfect loving harmony thanks to the benefits of domestic artificial intelligence. All their needs are met thanks to this cybernetic housekeeper: what to eat, what to wear, what to do, when to work, how… Continue reading THE POD GENERATION


Do you know Pangnirtung, or literally “the place of the bull caribou”, in the province of Nunavat by the Arctic Circle? Nope? That’s normal. Nothing ever happens there. In summer it’s even worse, with 24 hours of daylight and non-stop boredom. Of course, to kill time, teenagers hang around the neighboring tundra to hunt little… Continue reading SLASH/BACK


1996, in the Swedish city of Norrköping. An association of antisocial nerds who have watched a little too much of the X-Files, collect and verify all the testimonies of UFO’s flying over Sweden. For 99% of the calls they find a perfect scientific explanation, but it is that 1% of mystery that drives and motivates… Continue reading UFO SWEDEN


Welcome to the luxurious all-in resort on Tolqa Island! A safe haven with pearl-white beaches for the world’s wealthiest tourists who just want to take their minds off things. That’s what James and Em Foster were planning to do, chilling at the pool. Then they meet a couple that proposes a different method of relaxing:… Continue reading INFINITY POOL


Laaadies and gentlemen, in the left corner we have the ‘Kids’, more precisely Gary and his teenage sis Samantha. Frequently abandoned by their parents, they kill the time shooting their own horror flicks with theirs buds, or by being pushed around by school bully Billy, who gets them to agree on organizing a Halloween party… Continue reading KIDS VS ALIENS


Brace yourselves, ‘cause describing this film is like discussing atom splitting with a drunk Fin. So, here we go: after a war of the planets on the other side of the galaxy, the alien winners decide to imprison their opponents on a poorly developed rock called Earth, more precisely in the puny minds of the… Continue reading ALIENOID

The Ballad of Maddog Quinn

An unlikely outlaw wreaks hell across the dusty dystopia of The State on a wild quest to save what is held most dear, but things aren’t always what they seem on the desolate wasteland frontier.

My Unborn Son

Nora is facing the life-altering choice of whether or not to become a mother. By means of a lifelike simulation, she meets an AI version of the child she could have. What will Nora see when she looks into the eyes of her future child?