As a boy, Vincent Freeman discovers he is different from his younger brother Anton, a petri dish baby who possesses the perfect genes for success. Where Anton is strong and tall and has perfect eyesight, Vincent is weak and sickly and wears glasses that give away his genetic inferiority. Where Anton earns his parents constant… Continue reading GATTACA


A deaf tractor driver will save humanity from aliens who want to enslave us to the rythms of rock ‘n roll. A hilarious parody on all those paranoid American sci-fi flics from the fifties, where the aliens were just symbolic commies who wanted to destroy the American way of life. A long feature of the… Continue reading FLYING SAUCER ROCK’N’ROLL


Imagine : A couple of tourists in their car. She, a detestable matron and he, a tranquil man, used to her intolerable mood. An isolated mountain. Three escaped lunatic-killers and a couple of UFO’s. Let it simmer for twenty minutes. Be sure to mix it well. What you get is a very tasty piece of… Continue reading ARANAZOS