The Barcelona Vampiress

1920, Barcelona. The missing of little Teresa sends a shock wave through the whole country. The “Vampiress of Ravel” is detained, but journalist Sebastià Comas uncovers a much more sinister affair…

Random Acts of Violence

During the 80’s and 90’s a serial killer roamed the Interstate 90 on the lookout for potential victims which he then brutally murdered with a disturbingly skillful eye for aesthetic gore and violent composition. Years later comic book writer Todd takes a road trip through the same area with his girlfriend and publishers in search… Continue reading Random Acts of Violence

Macabre by Marcos Prado

Serra dos Órgãos, Brazil. If that seemed like a fun destination on Tripadvisor, think again! Murders take place in these magnificent mountains, gruesome murders with a touch of necrophilia… The locals are quick to blame the two black boys of the village and they want to see them hang. Military police officer Teo (Renato Goés)… Continue reading Macabre by Marcos Prado


Let’s be honest, everyone has some kind of fetish: some like it a bit rougher, others like pristine feet… John Stone, a dishonorably discharged Iraq war veteran, has one that’s a bit more extreme: he’s more of the violent type that gets off on torturing women to death. Besides the fact that he abuses his… Continue reading DADDY’S GIRL


Sadie and McKayla may be the most popular girls in school, but they are missing one thing to become the next Kim Kardashian. They need thousands, even millions of followers on their social networks. In order to achieve that goal, they need a trending topic, something more exciting than make-up or dating tips. When they… Continue reading TRAGEDY GIRLS


When four female friends decide to take a holiday trip to the Chilean countryside, things do not go as planned. The week-end starts fine. It’s sunny, the place is gorgeous and to top it all, there’s plenty of wine to kick-off the girls-only party. But there’s something dark lurking in this peaceful setting. As the… Continue reading TRAUMA


Alex might be unbearably self-assured and irritatingly cocksure, his loyalty to his dearest friend Jim is beyond question. With the latter’s 30th birthday on the horizon, Alex promises to help his best friend to get laid so he won’t reach this unwelcome milestone as a virgin. They muster up the courage to organize a double… Continue reading DOUBLE DATE