Four friends head off to the Mojave Desert to shoot a video clip. Each one has his neat little tent to pitch, a water bottle and sun-cream. When night falls they go to sleep. That is, if the desert lets them… Everything that happens afterwards will have to stay between us because even just trying… Continue reading THE OUTWATERS


Next time someone casually ask you whether you’re more of a cat person than a dog person, think wisely before you answer because it may have grave consequences. Cause you see, Mad Cats, a half-female half-feline mutant breed that may look human but that has cat-like strength, stealth, agility… and an irrepressible urge to cough… Continue reading MAD CATS


Even the most sheltered incel on Earth now realizes that South-Korea has grown into one of the most modern countries in the world. It is now easier to spot influencers in the streets of Seoul than to score a bowl of cheap noodles. Against this hip background, two vloggers try to give a much-needed boost… Continue reading THE NATURE MAN


In a dystopian Switzerland under the rule of a fascist dictator – and cheese industry tycoon – all lactose-intolerant compatriots are hunted down like animals and sentenced to death without further ado. Despite this reign of terror, in which opponents are tortured with burning fondue or by shoving entire bars of Toblerone down their throats,… Continue reading MAD HEIDI


Bússi, considered the toughest cop in Reykjavik, has all the hallmarks of the alpha male who overcompensates with his big American sled, astronomic Hemingway-levels of alcoholism and a “fuck rules” attitude. But hey, it works! The entire criminal world is afraid of Bússi… But when he accidently shoots his teammate in the shoulder (drinking doesn’t… Continue reading COP SECRET


La Pietà is a key work of Italian Renaissance sculpture by Michelangelo Buonarroti, made in Carrara marble for Cardinal Jean de Bilhères’ funeral… Ergh, sorry wrong file! Instead, LA PIETÀ is a key work of strange, wonderfully bold BIFFF cinema by Álex de la Iglesia protégé Eduardo Casanova about a boy well into his 20’s… Continue reading LA PIETÀ


Welcome to Tyler Cornack’s Tiny Cinema, in which he basically presents his whole cinematic universe on a miniature platter: a midget narrator – Michael J. Anderson (!) straight out of TWIN PEAKS’ Black Lodge, though this time not speaking backwards -, “That’s what she said” jokes gone horribly and demonically wrong, a single lady finally… Continue reading TINY CINEMA


Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, amphetamines and ketamine. An epic mix capable of knocking a rhino off its paws, but it’s also a potentially lethal cocktail that sends River to the emergency room after his best buddy Donny committed suicide. But like a Phoenix rising after a thorough stomach pump, River is alive and well! Not quite… Continue reading RIVER


On a remote Japanese island, a severe kung-fu master trains a group of boys to become “Doomsday Warriors”. After the inevitable Apocalypse, which Nostradamus predicted would take place in 1999, they are to fight for justice in a ravaged world. When this doomsday scenario still hasn’t materialized in 2022 (!), the sensei decides to throw… Continue reading KAPPEI


Some wild Irish dames who thought the ideal location for a bachelorette’s party would be Transylvania (uh-oh!) pick up something a little more serious than an easily treatable STD. After mingling with a vampire – which could just as well have been the count himself! – they end up back in Dublin with a jetlag…… Continue reading LET THE WRONG ONE IN