Hotel Poseidon

Welcome to Hotel Poseidon, where the rugs are gray, fungus is staining the walls and the guests seem to inhabit a parallel universe. The groundbreaking and transgressive theatre company Abattoir Fermé puts its surrealist nightmares on the big screen and delivers a darkly comic Lynchian trip.

When you wish upon a Star

“I hate… I hate… I hate you all. I hate all those worthless comedians. I’m sick of their stupid jokes. You become popular a bit, you start making stupid movies and publish stupid books. I hate my useless therapist. Even though she knows I can’t be cured at all, she keeps trying to help me… Continue reading When you wish upon a Star


In our present Screen Age full of likes, influencers and fake news, it’s very tempting to wrap yourself in the snug, fuzzy blanket of the 80s. And what could possibly be more 80s than the VHS? Mullets? Still, any kid growing up back then will relate to Ralph (Mason McNulty), a 12-year-old boy whose parents… Continue reading Vhyes

Advantages of Travelling by Train

“Imagine a woman coming home and surprising her husband inspecting his own shit with a popsicle stick”. That’s the opening phrase of Aritz Moreno’s first feature. It’s the perfect taster for what’s to come. What could be more innocent than starting a conversation on the train with the person you’re sitting across, right? Wrong. When… Continue reading Advantages of Travelling by Train

Colour out of Space

After years in the wilderness, cult director Richard Stanley (HARDWARE, DUST DEVIL) is finally back with an exciting Lovecraft adaptation. It has always been his dream to adapt Lovecraft to the big screen – not very surprising, coming from a guy who sleeps with a Cthulu toy next to him every night, we’re not making… Continue reading Colour out of Space