Becky hasn’t climbed a thing in a year. One year ago, she and her boyfriend were climbing a cliff when he startled and fell from a height of more than one hundred meters… Ever since she’s been drinking her sorrow away in dingy bars. But her best friend Hunter is adamant about getting her back… Continue reading FALL

Breaking Surface

A couple of days after Christmas, Ida and Tuva, two adventurous sisters, decide to sweat out the holiday calories. The average mortal would just opt for a Basic Fit subscription which they’d forget some weeks later. But these sisters aren’t your average mortals. No, what better way to burn away some calories than to take… Continue reading Breaking Surface


1945, the Second World War has just finished. Soviet soldiers reach the Groß-Rosen concentration camp and set free the remaining prisoners. A group of orphans is transferred to a derelict mansion deep in the woods, where they’ll have to fend for themselves. Fear and death are all they’ve ever known. They’re still wearing their camp… Continue reading WEREWOLF


Day, an insecure and underpaid art director, has just finished filming an ad in a deserted Olympic pool. He’s charged with the cleaning and the emptying of the six-meter deep bath. Before beginning the heavy work, he wants to enjoy the silence and peacefulness while floating through the chlorine in the sun. Unthinking, he dozes… Continue reading THE POOL


You’re young and dynamic. You’ve just finished your military service. You’ve decided you want an adventurous life because you don’t want to get bogged down in the quagmire of daily routines. You’re travelling through South America for a year and now you’re in Bolivia. You bump into a guy who tells you about an Indian… Continue reading JUNGLE