Deaf from birth, Kyung-mi is clearly a fighter in this rotten world. Armed with her hearing aid, her cellphone and her audio sensors scattered all over the house she shares with her mom, she adapts as best she can… But what she will discover one night in a dark alley will change everything! A young… Continue reading MIDNIGHT


Becky hasn’t climbed a thing in a year. One year ago, she and her boyfriend were climbing a cliff when he startled and fell from a height of more than one hundred meters… Ever since she’s been drinking her sorrow away in dingy bars. But her best friend Hunter is adamant about getting her back… Continue reading FALL


The things we do to please our wife, ey? Take Ui-gang for example. While his better half is out having fun on a two-week vacation with a girlfriend, he begrudgingly agree to babysit the latter’s teenage daughter. He’s not too thrilled about it and neither is the girl for that matter. So let’s just make… Continue reading THE KILLER


Clerville, kind of like an Italian Gotham City, is in the grip of a masked scoundrel that has a nasty tendency to pull off the most yolo heists. This scoundrel’s name? Diabolik. A lawless criminal, an anti-hero who doesn’t care about defending the weak and the poor and who has a black belt in the… Continue reading DIABOLIK

LIMBO by Soi Cheang

Cham Lau is a lone wolf, a cop who almost went off the deep end after he lost his family in a car crash, and he’s on the hunt. A serial killer has been spreading chaos and panic in Hong Kong’s underworld. He has the nasty habit of sawing off the left hand of his… Continue reading LIMBO by Soi Cheang


A sixty-year-old who has always obediently followed the rules, suffers an existential burnout. He has always done his part and, in his own modest way, has worked for a better society. But that society has hit rock bottom and our former good Samaritan is no longer in the mood for concessions. Moloss is his name… Continue reading MOLOSS


If you need to deliver an urgent package, you’ve got the postal office. If you need to run an urgent errand, you’ve got cabs. But what if you have to run an urgent errand with a not-so-legal package that potentially puts your life at risk? That might turn out to be difficult. Luckily, there’s a… Continue reading SPECIAL DELIVERY


Sigh. We’d also rather have spent our summer sipping red wine on the idyllic, sun-drenched hills of Tuscany like Bjørn – a Dane, but you probably already guessed that – and his cute lil’ family, instead of mechanically churning out texts but alas, it was not to be… On second thought, that was maybe for… Continue reading SPEAK NO EVIL


After five failed attempts to pass the police academy entry exam, we can officially state that Chan-woo is a first-rate wanker. Now, in his defense, he has the kind of neighbors that hold a Hellfest at home every night, which surely doesn’t help him concentrate… Oh well, no biggie, he’s just going to sign up… Continue reading NEXT DOOR


It’s Halloween night and the teenagers of the upscale, gated community (this is Mexico after all) of Sierra Linda are getting ready for one hell of a party. Tavo, a teen with a far more modest background, jumps the fence that separates him from the rich and famous, like he does every night. In the… Continue reading MEXZOMBIES