For two centuries, Renfield has been playing minion to his boss, Count Dracula. Okay sure, he did give him eternal life and supernatural powers that, even with a 48° fever and a stomach flu, would still make him triumph at the Hunger Games. But his future? Zero chances for promotion, permanent night shifts and an… Continue reading RENFIELD


Ten-year-old Nelly is a bit of a rebel and loves to scare the bejesus out of her classmates. As a result, she still doesn’t have real friends… To set her straight, her dad decides to send her on vacation to her uncle Hannibal. Which is probably the worst idea he ever had! Because, if on… Continue reading NELLY RAPP: MONSTER AGENT


Some wild Irish dames who thought the ideal location for a bachelorette’s party would be Transylvania (uh-oh!) pick up something a little more serious than an easily treatable STD. After mingling with a vampire – which could just as well have been the count himself! – they end up back in Dublin with a jetlag…… Continue reading LET THE WRONG ONE IN


“This story won’t make no fucking sense,” we are warned at the beginning but don’t worry ; you’ll be able to laugh your ass off. Vidar is 33 – the age at which Jesus Christ became a superstar. This sturdy farm boy still lives and works with his strictly religious mother. But he’s fed up… Continue reading VIDAR THE VAMPIRE


Hard-boiled Corbin Nash is having a time almost as tough as his jawline in sin city Los Angeles. The incorruptible cop never runs out of citizens to save or crimes to solve. And there’s his tragic past. Nash’s parents were mysteriously murdered years ago and the case has become his lifelong obsession. All leads have… Continue reading CORBIN NASH


An antiquarian accidentally discovers a golden scarab in the base of a wooden statue. The legendary actor Federico Luppi gave one of his best performances, while young director Guillermo del Toro became the golden boy of genre cinema. With a budget of 2 million dollars (the largest at the time for a Mexican film, a… Continue reading CRONOS


After a car accident that killed his son, John is suffering from an extremely rare form of post-traumatic stress disorder: constant tremors, raw nerves and terrible headaches. This is now the daily cocktail of this renowned surgeon. Obviously, no one lets him go near a scalpel. John tries everything to calm his pain: drugs, horse… Continue reading PAINKILLERS