The Ballad of Maddog Quinn

An unlikely outlaw wreaks hell across the dusty dystopia of The State on a wild quest to save what is held most dear, but things aren’t always what they seem on the desolate wasteland frontier.


When Talbot Roe’s (River Phoenix) half-Indian wife Awbonnie (Sheila Tousey) dies in childbirth, he goes mad with grief and holds vigil over her body in the funeral tree. Prescott Roe (Richard Harris), his father, goes in search of Eamon MacCree (Alan Bates), boss of the Kickapoo Indian Medicine Show, a travelling circus of freaks, clowns,… Continue reading SILENT TONGUE


They were five innocent kids, living in a township stuck to the city of Marseilles (South Africa). Fed up with police oppression in the middle of Apartheid, they defended themselves with harmless slingshots. Until the fatal day when one of them took a weapon and sent two white cops six feet underground. His name was… Continue reading FIVE FINGERS FOR MARSEILLES


Will she be able to escape the bitter cold snowy mountains and the merciless bounty hunter hot on her trial?


Warren Novak is the type to soak his corn flakes in whiskey as soon as the morning starts. Yet this time he has a good reason to get drunk like a skunk. He has just learned that he’s the father of a girl in Mexico City and he has accidentally killed two crack dealers, with… Continue reading HAPPY HUNTING


Even though he’s surrounded by puma’s, anacondas, jaguars and other lethal creatures, there’s only one species that the farmer of Rio Preama in Argentina fears the most: man. The large landowners may claim that they have their best interests at heart, behind the scenes they’ve got some shady individuals to “negotiate” with the last independent… Continue reading EL ARDOR


Let’s go back to Colorado in 1887. The sky is dominated by a blood red moon. In a typical small town, a number of mysterious characters cross paths, among whom Calhoun (Shaun Dooley), a lone gunslinger. They are captured by a band of outlaws, but after a while they discover a bigger threat that might… Continue reading BLOOD MOON


Jack is a shell-shocked soldier turned handyman seeking refuge in the hot desert sun from a cold, dark past. He’s traded his service pistol for a cordless drill, forsaken allegiance to the flag for meditation on a yoga mat. His only friend : a quirky hipster named Mo, who wants nothing more than to embody… Continue reading DUST UP


Being a conscientious CEO of the galaxy, our Celestial Bearded One often subcontracts matters to a consultant if he wants to perform a metaphysical audit on his lost sheep. In this case we’re talking about Clark and Summer, who has a bun in the oven. The happy couple have hit the desert road to personally… Continue reading BLOOD RIVER