Overprotected by his mother, socially autistic Oliver spends his time watching episodes of Alf in his candy-colored house. But when his mother accidentally ends up impaled on a garden gnome, his little world falls apart. He now feels completely and utterly alone, with no family or friends. Just Alf and an overzealous social worker who… Continue reading THE LONELIEST BOY IN THE WORLD


Beth is a volunteer on the night-watch patrol through the snowy streets of a sleepy little northern town in Canada. While never a particularly lively place, things have lately taken a turn for the worse. Something mysterious happened a couple of months ago and ever since there’s no more sunlight. Everybody is forced to take… Continue reading WINTERTIDE


Kamil is so done with the whole COVID-19 lockdown shtick of following classes through Zoom and hanging around his gigantic mansion stuck with his dad’s new, yoga-instructing girlfriend while the old man himself only occasionally flies in by helicopter in between Dubai business meetings. Fuck all that! He’s going to throw one hell of a… Continue reading IT CAME FROM THE WATER

All Your Fault, PD

At the busy filming site, the filming suddenly stops due to the appearance of a manager, and a discussion of the main staff begins inside car. While everyone is shifting the blame for the PD’s fault, a zombie virus spreads outside car, causing havoc. Meanwhile, the d.o.p is worried about equipment borrowed from commercial film… Continue reading All Your Fault, PD

There’s Only One

Noelia survives a zombie holocaust barricaded in her country house. She suspects that she is the last person alive, until one day she goes hunting and finds a man.


Welcome to Peacock Island, the peninsula where the proud peacocks of Quebec capitalism are happy to idly loaf around, a bourgeois stronghold with no intentions to mingle with the rest of the country. And there’s a new fad in town: playing golf all year long, even during harsh winter months at -30 degrees. In this… Continue reading BRAIN FREEZE


Yup, it’s already been 8 years since a mysterious virus turned the majority of the world’s population in blood-thirsty zombies in WYRMWOOD: ROAD OF THE DEAD. But as is often the case when catchy viruses spread around the globe, the new situation got old pretty fast. Take Rhys for example, the ex-commando who at the… Continue reading WYRMWOOD: APOCALYPSE

The Last Marriage

A comedy about how everyday life continues even after the global zombie apocalypse has struck.