Infection by Flavio Pedota

Venezuela, present day. Anti-Maduro graffiti covers the walls of the capital, while foreign workers relax by shooting crocodile, the most dangerous drug on the planet. The country is in utter chaos, cops are trigger-happy, public infrastructure is in a disastrous state and the people are agonizing in silence. The rise of an unknown epidemic of… Continue reading Infection by Flavio Pedota

Blood Quantum

Canada, Mi’gmaq reserve. A police car drives along an endless stretch of pine trees. Our minds immediately wander off to FARGO or to TWIN PEAKS with agent Hawk as the main character instead of Dale Cooper. Strange things are about to happen, Native American cop Traylor (Michael Greyeyes) doesn’t need to hear the Carpenter-ish score… Continue reading Blood Quantum

The Odd Family: Zombie on Sale

Zombies again, you say? Haven’t they made enough movies about these creatures already? We’re brain dead ourselves by now after being fed those hundreds of zombie flicks each year, but ODD FAMILY is well… odd! Don’t go in expecting a RESIDENT EVIL or NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD vibe, this is way weirder! Director Min-jae… Continue reading The Odd Family: Zombie on Sale


A film in a film in a film? Talking about meta! A film crew is shooting a zombie film in a deserted lab. After 42 takes, the director storms outside. Suddenly, the zombie apocalypse is happening and one after the other, the crew members transform in dead-eyed, groaning people. The director is over the moon… Continue reading ONE CUT OF THE DEAD


Those right-wingers! Enrico is one of those dudes who dress completely in black, with shortly cropped hair, a Celtic cross around their neck, and a right arm that has an indefatigable tendency to rise… Full of fury, he and his cronies are standing in front of an asylum seekers center, shouting themselves hoarse by way… Continue reading GO HOME


Since a month now, the apocalypse is roaming through the country and according to some high placed sources the Belgian population is infected with the “Z” virus! A deadly and unknown disease… Despite the omnipresent danger and the fact that the entire Walloon population is heading for the grave, Bernadette and Serge decide against all… Continue reading LA MARIEE ET LES MORTS VIVANTS


The year is 2101, a nameless man wakes up in the middle of a dried-out, dark landscape. Looking around him, he only sees carcasses and barren trees. A biochemical war in the northern hemisphere has caused poverty, famine, and a gigantic wasteland covering the whole of South America. Concerning our own species, there isn’t much… Continue reading I AM TOXIC


It’s not going too well in the kingdom of Joseon. While the king is stuffing his stomach in his silk pyjamas, his people are dying of hunger. An attempt to violently overthrow the ruler is quickly put to an end with the arrest and the liquidation of all conspirators; including his own son. His other… Continue reading RAMPANT


Karen and John are drifting apart. Once, they were a beautiful, young couple but after the miscarriage of their first child, their relationship has turned as sour as milk that’s been left out of the fridge for too long. Routine and boredom have gotten the better of them when a sudden event changes everything: a… Continue reading ZOO


After a rough breakup, a washed-up rocker crashes at his sister’s place. When an opportunity arises to chaperone an upcoming school excursion alongside a charming kindergarten teacher, he jumps at the chance to impress her. What he wasn’t anticipating was the obnoxious children’s television personality who shapes the excursion’s activities. What he was expecting even… Continue reading LITTLE MONSTERS