Alberto Marini

Born in 1972 in Turin (Italy), Alberto´s film career is split between writing and producing. His credits as Executive Producer include such titles as the “[REC]” franchise (Jaume Balagueró & Paco Plaza), “The Way”(Emilio Estevez), “Sleep Tight” (Jaume Balagueró), or “The Last Days” (Alex and David Pastor). His credits as screenwriter include “To Let” (2006, Jaume Balagueró, Spain), “Sleep Tight” (2010, Jaume Balagueró, Spain), “Extinction” (2014, Miguel Angel Vivas, Spain/USA/Hungary), “Retribution” (2015, Daniel de la Torre, Spain/France), or “Summer Camp” (2015, Alberto Marini, Spain/US), which is his first feature as director.