Alex Infascelli

Alex Infascelli (Rome, 1967°), son of director/producer Roberto Infascelli and nephew of director Fiorella Infascelli, starts his career in the United States. First as a rock musician, then as an music video assistant to directors such as Dominic Senna, David Fincher and John Landis. Back in Italy, Infascelli realizes some amazing videoclips for artists like Luca Carboni, Marina Ray and Cocteau Twins. In 1994 he directs an episode of the hot young Italian talent showcase De Generazione (Bifff 1995). Esercizi di Stile (1996) is another collective effort with young and acclaimed co-directors as Claudio Fragasso, Alessandro Piva and Dino Risi. In 2002 we screened his long feature debut Almost Blue at the festival. This year, he’ll personally present his second feature : The Vanity Serum.