Arno Hintjens

After having already achieved some notoriety with the band Freckle Face, Arno Hintjens (Oostende, 1949) breaks through for the first time with Tjens Couter. Between 1975 and 1979, the band tours around Europe and releases 4 albums. In 1980 TC Matic is founded. This legendary Belgian rock band, which was far ahead of its time, lasts until 1986. They leave behind a legacy of 4 albums and immortal hits like Oh la la la, Putain Putain and Elle adore le noir. From then on, Arno goes solo and starts to get more and more involved with film. Besides his albums Arno (1986), Charlatan (1988) Ratata (1991), the temporary collaboration Charles et les Lulus (1991), Idiots Savants (1993), Arno à la Française (1995) and Give me the gift (1997), Arno acts in various films such as Skin (Guido Hendrickx, 1991), Camping Cosmos (Jan Buquoy, 1995) and Alors Voila (Michel Piccoli, 1997), and he writes music for movies like Merci la vie (Bertrand Blier, 1991), Abracadabra (Harry Cleven, 1993) and Suite 16 (Dominique Deruddere,