Benoit Drouin Germain

Since graduating, actor Benoit Drouin-Germain has enjoyed an enviable career in theater for over 15 years. He is known for his outstanding roles in ‘Yellow Moon’ (La Licorne), ‘Contre le temps’ (CTD’A), ‘Tribus’ (La Licorne), ‘Caligula’ (TNM), ‘Hurlevents’ (Denise-Pelletier) and ‘Lignes de fuite’ (CTD’A). On television, the actor has been playing a series of leading roles over the past few years (‘Toute la vérité’, ‘Mensonges’, ‘L’ascenseur’, ‘Une autre histoire’, ‘District 31’, ‘Audrey est revenue’, ‘Indéfendable’, ‘Avant le crash’…), where he has received recognition and awards for his various performances. In the cinema, he was revealed in WHAT ARE WE DOING HERE? (Julie Hivon). In FARADOR, Benoit plays one of the main roles, that of Louis/Mordak. FILMO: TOUTE LA VÉRITÉ (series, 2011), WHAT ARE WE DOING HERE? (2014), MENSONGES (series, 2016), DISTRICT 31 (series, 2021), INDÉFENDABLE (series, 2022), AVANT LE CRASH (series, 2022), FARADOR (2023).