Charles Tatum Jr.

Charles Tatum JR. lives in Schaerbeek. He’s a self-taught critic, historian, editor, translator, proofreader and also a blogger. He was active as a film critic ( Visions ) and as an editor ( Yellow Now ). He’s the author of a few cinema books about Nagisa Oshima ( co-written with Louis Danvers ), Budd Boetticher, Monte Hellman, Charles Laughton… Tatum has also translated books about Krzysztof Kieslowsky, Nicholas Ray, 2001, a Space Odyssey and Hollywood studios and has coordinated some others ( about Edgar G. Ulmer, Delmer Daves, Jack Arnold… ). This hardworking film lover has never been on television. When he doesn’t pace up and down the corridors of festivals and film archives, he earns a modest living by translating crime novels and biographies ( at the moment : Ingrid Bergman, Ava Gardner and Richard Brody’s voluminous tome about Jean-Luc Godard ).