David de Graef

DAVID DE GRAEF’S VISIONARY CREATIONS This painter, who prefers disturbance to order, invites you to plunge into the depths of an obsessive world where no moral value is absolute. His sharp insight on our institutions and emotions traps you in a universe where reflection and fear coexist. David De Graef’s world is definitely strange. It’s a visionary universe, which he handles with both tenderness and violence. This self-taught artist joins power with finesse to reflect upon our joys and discomfort. He plays with contrasts to expose scenes of loss and resurrection. The phantasms of this artist portray mankind’s walk through love and hatred, faith and lies, hope and disillusion. His inspiration springs from physical and mental decay, but is always put in perspective by a strong sense of humour and optimism. Through his works, David De Graef has developed a pictorial philosophy that escapes rational explanation or narrow classification.