David Didelot

Swimming through the mystical waters of fantasy cinema, jumping in the brooding pools of the video clubs and amply surrounded by mysterious creatures from a young age on, David DIDELOT created the fanzine Vidéotopsie at the end of his adolescence. Issue after issue, Vidéotopsie became an absolute reference in the small world of the French fanzine, so much so that it received anthology status. Reading it we could cheerfully bump into Jack the Ripper, the Gore collection, Bruno Mattei, the voluptuous belle donne of the Italian cinema, Joe D’Amato, Annie Belle, the shack of Amityville… In their pages, David chatted about his encounters, favorites, and disappointments. Along the way, Vidéotopsie received the DNA of its creator throughout its pages. This naturally brought to life Replay, his autobiography dedicated to the years with the fanzine and much more… A book that combines authenticity, passion, and honesty and that helps even better to capture this indispensable character of B culture. An erudition, full of passion and excitement, that he uses for bonus DVDs or Blu-rays, all of them as juicy as they are informative.