Dree Peeters

Dre Peeters Born in Zichem in 1948 Studied at: Provinciaal Hooger Instituut voor Plastische Kunsten in Hasselt; Académie Internationale in Salzbourg He showcased many individual exhibitions at the Zwarte Panter in Antwerp. In 1985, he showcased his work at the Middelheim, at the Biennale in Antwerp. Studio: Cogels-Osylei 45 2600 Berchem I have always been intrigued by the decay—of people, animals and plants. I also think that the color palette of decay is deliciously decadent. The simple materials that I use—zinc, lead—work perfectly with that atmosphere. I do not understand why the majority of people do not see eye to eye with that. Why is it the opposite? Why does that fill them with horror? I enjoy the idea of death. I might be defying and defeating death by giving it this aesthetic dimension. But fuck it, I am the one in charge. If I also add one of these chicks with long legs, death is being kicked right in the nuts. The thing is, it rarely ever leads anywhere. So, I am forced to do it over and over again.


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