Emaillerie Belge

Enamel is the result of fire. To begin with: silica, boron, and fluorine. And then: fire. A beautiful harmony. Lava is bluntly cooled down and then blows up: is it alchemy or sciences? The magic of art brings them together. The magic of fire then allows glass and iron to blend foolishly. The art of enamelling is a technique where the Vulcan spirit lingers: from one firing to another, one colour never stays the same. It is even said that the moon plays tricks on enamellers. Enamel is a jewel, an image, a functional object. In 1985, it becomes very pleasant to the eye. Hergé – father of the adventure comics – and Tintin – pioneer of the moon conquest – introduced this series of decorative enamelled plates. A world premiere. A topic as symbolic as striking. A project which lends credibility to its frame. WORKSHOP Rue Verheyden 5 1070 Brussels Tel: (+32) 025216324


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