Fabrice Lavollay

Exhibition Between dreams and nightmares The illustrations of Fabrice are an invitation for a journey through a bizarre and sombre universe, peopled by strange characters. He has developed a disturbing fantasy aesthetic wherein his creations mutate into impressionable matter. A broken puppet with a remarkably human anatomy, a man with a cracked stone skin, the tattooed woman with the death look,… They propose us, almost despite ourselves, to follow them into their troubled and ambiguous world, leaving behind the strange impression of a dream that one thought to have forgotten. His work functions like a mirror, revealing our fears and phantasms. Born in Paris in 1969, Fabrice comes to Brussels in 1991 to follow Plastic Arts studies at the Saint Luke Institute. This ex-artistic director of Science-Fiction Magazine, colourist, graphic designer and above all illustrator, has realised numerous covers of fantasy novels. With the support of Authentic.


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