Fred De Loof

FRED DE LOOF is a Belgian actor, director and screenwriter. Being Belgian, he drinks beer, eats fries and chocolate, but not all at once. When he’s not writing his biography, he directs and plays in some truly incredible movies, clips and series such as BARAKI, LES PIGEONS ÇA CHIE PARTOUT, THE GLORIOUS PEANUT, AAAAHHH (which is pronounced the same way as it is written) or CACA BOUDIN (which is by far the best movie of his filmography). Not to mention TOTEM, his first feature, which was produced in 2021. Of course, he also loves to play in other people’s movies. That’s why he has a website with lots of pictures of himself. Thank you for reading, I hope you don’t feel like you wasted your time, but hey, at least it wasn’t very long.