Freddie Francis

British director, born in London in 1917, started his career in 1934 as assistant-operator, eventually fully-fletched director in 1948. During this period he worked with many well-known directors such as: Michael Powell, John Huston, Jak Cardiff, Joseph Losey en Jack Clayton (The Innocents). Alongside Jack Cardiff he received an Oscar for photography in 1960 with «Sons and Lovers». In 1961 he directed «Two and two make six» and joined the renewal of British film, under supervision of «Hammer». The contribution of Freddie Francis to that period is characterized by a return to traditions from the golden time of film (James Whale en Rowland Lee). After more than 10 years of inactivity he returns to the spotlight with his photography in films like «Elephant Man», «The French Lieutenant’s Women» and more recent «Dune». Now he is directing «The doctor and the Devils», a film that will be released this year.