George Sluizer

In 1971, Dutch director George Sluizer shot his first feature film in Brazil : Joao and the Knife. This was followed by Twice a Woman, starring Bibi Andersson and Anthony Perkins. He received international recognition in 1988 with the award-winning feature Spoorloos, which was the Dutch Oscar entry in 1989. Three years later he directed the American remake of Spoorloos as The Vanishing, starring Jeff Bridges, Kiefer Sutherland and Sandra Bullock. George Sluizer followed up his American period with many international productions such as Utz, starring Armin Mueller-Stahl ( who won the Best Actor Award at the Berlin International Film Festival ), Crimetime, starring Pete Postlethwaite and Stephen Baldwin, The Commissioner ( BIFFF 1998 ), starring John Hurt and Rosanna Pastor and The Stoneraft, an adaptation of a novel by Nobel Prize Laureate José Saramago.