Guillaume Musso

With the sunny climate of Antibes, you should be crazy not to spend your days outdoors, but 10-year old Guillaume Musso preferred to stay inside his mum’s public library. That is where the seed of literature took hķold. Twenty years later, after an economics degree and, especially, a serious accident, the seed blooms when he publishes “Afterwards…” and Musso mania starts. The book will sell more than 3 million copies and will be translated in 20 languages. The rest is history. Musso writes one bestseller after another, beautifully crafted page-turners that beg to be adapted to the big screen. And indeed, after the adaptation of “Afterwards…”, starring Romain Duris and John Malkovich, we’ll be able to discover the Korean adaptation of “Will you be there?” at the BIFFF.