Guillaume Schuermans

Guillaume Schuermans has been working in production since 2013. Alongside Benoit Roland and Nabil Ben Yadir, he is production coordinator for two Brussels companies: Wrong Men (PRÉJUDICE by Antoine Cuypers, PARASOL by Valéry Rosier, THE HOLE IN THE GROUND by Lee Cronin) and 10.80 Films (PATSER by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah). He has two things to be proud of in life: seeing THE EXORCIST at 13 without being afraid, and never losing at Jenga (one of these statements is false, however). He is a big fan of the BIFFF (he was already having fun throwing toilet paper rolls at the Fantastic Night at Passage 44 in the leap years), of horror/ fantastic cinema, and of Korean thrillers, so his selection as a member of the Méliès jury is a real consecration. He is already delighted to hear the spectators shout “Bonjour Jury!” as he takes his place in his reserved seat.