Ingrid Pitt

The Queen of Horror herself, Ingrid Pitt (born Natacha Petrovna, Poland 1943) will delight us with her presence at the festival. Ingrid Pitt started her career on stage at The Bertold Brecht Berliner Ensemble in 1959, where she played parts such as “Katrin” in Mutter Courage. In 1962 she escaped from East Berlin by swimming across the River Spree and went to America to see her sister. In 1964 she moved to Spain where she got her first film role in The Splendor of Andalucia. Her horror career started when Hammer films offered her a part in The Vampire Lovers (1970), followed by unforgettable appearances in Countess Dracula (1970) and The House that Dripped Blood (1971). Ingrid Pitt also appeared in T.V shows like Dr. Who, The Zoo Gang and New Faces. That she is a woman of many talents, can be proved by the fact that, besides acting for movies and television, she has also founded her own theatre group “TRIP” and has written novels like Cuckoo Run (1980) and The Perons (1982) and children’s books such as Berie the Bus (1981). Ingrid Pitt is a member of our international jury.